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It’s my motherfucking 21st birthday.

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Friend: why don’t you go out more?


Me: too many black people getting killed accidentally on purpose.

Just hold me until I feel better please.

What a way to start my junior-senior-ish year :/

I can not believe what just happened like literally can NOT believe what just happened. This is my second and last year at Towson and I really wanted to be on campus to avoid driving all the time and actually have a chance at making friends. I feel like that chance is completely gone now. I moved in Sunday into my dorm and everything was going well. My suitemates are cool, I like my room, and I finally have classes. But tonight was when everything went horribly down hill FAST. My floor had a floor meeting so I went with one of my suitemates and lo and behold my ex boyfriend that truly hates my guts is there. In my head I am praying so hard that he is just stopping by to say hello to some friends, but no as the meeting began he stayed there. When I was over near where he was with my suitemate while she was talking to her friend I looked at him and was so in shock I could not move! I wanted to just cordially say hello, but I knew if I did I would have no idea how he’d respond. So unfortunately I just looked at him and he ignored me completely and didn’t look at me for more than a second…as expected. My roommate and I sat at the opposite of the lounge (thank God) and I couldn’t stop freaking out! Like what in the hell are the odds? For Gods sake the boy asked me to never bother him and I have and now we live on the same damn floor!?! I tried to get away from him and now this? To be honest I was terrified of how he’d be feeling and might react on to me in front of others but I was just laughing so much because this whole thing has to be the biggest coincidence! Like the bullshit coincidences on TV sitcoms. Bad for him because he still hates me ( apparently ) but funny for me because literally…what are the odds. But I know I’ll never see him so no big deal right? Wrong. Apparently I was correct he does still hate me and his girlfriend isn’t very amused either. Calling me a psycho ex and telling me to stay in my lane on twitter. I’m not sure exactly what I did. I didn’t speak to him, I barely make eye contact with him ( except for that one acceptance earlier in the beginning ) and I went straight back to my room. I feel like I’m only upset because…I don’t like people hating me especially when it is my fault and I so badly want to apologize for my wrongdoings. I was already upset because I lost my only friend here to another school that feels a million miles away. I miss us cuddling and going out on mini lunch dates and sleepovers! Almost everyday of my spring semester was spent with him and now I’m so lonely. But I can’t say anything about it I just have to suck it up. And I’m even more upset that my face broke out terribly on my chin and I don’t want to be seen by anyone. And on top of everything school starts Wednesday! I have to go home this weekend and recover. I have to. For this semester the only things that will keep me going are my school work and hopefully getting involved. And I think I seriously need to get back into writing. Everyday. I think that will prevent me from calling people when I’m freaking out and I’ll just write and take a nap. Please God don’t let this get any worse than it is. Hello to a shitty junior-senior-ish year but then again I knew this would happen. This kind of crap happens to me all the time.




"what music are you into?"
"i like this! it’s very grown up…"




The Beyhive swarms Karrueche’s mentions after she shades Blue Ivy on 106 & Park. #dontmesswiththebeyhive

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the one about chris brown not even claiming her for thirty minutes.


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