Guys are such gentlemen at Towson. They’ll hold doors for me when I’m far behind and when I say thank you they say your welcome. And just getting out of class this guy held up from getting up from his seat because he saw me coming behind him and as I said thank you he said no problem. Now at the but stop this guy just randomly said “How you doin?” and I said hello back. Not even in like a flirtatious way just as in like I’m passing you by and you look like a nice person so hello.

Speak of the devil! Another black girl just came in and sat right next to me lol. But idk if she’s actually in my class or just sitting in for today. We’ll see.

There are soooooooo many guys in my management class. A few girls but maybe less than 7 including me. And there is like 3 black guys. Then there’s me. The token black girl. This has never happened to me before. Well at Towson at least.

to be strong, realize that nothing you need or want requires you to yield before someone to acquire it.

furthermore, it is vain and immoral to serve a weak person. the more you cater to them, the more you serve to destroy them.

there’s no giving to an egotistical person. an egotistical person is a weak person, a weak person is not grateful for anything. the more you give the more he/she angrily demands more.


ok but consider this

  • who cares




Ima call you my

I’m so done

this is necessary lmfao.



Really tho. There’s going to be a generation with a large portion of ppl whose parents didn’t plan on speaking the next week. Stop creating lives out of carelessness.

thank you.

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